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WonderCon is one of the hottest comic conventions in the world with a giant exhibit hall, artist alley, autograph area, fan tables and more. ZBrush is one of the hottest programs used by artists who love comics, as evidenced by the terrific success of Pixologic's Action Hero contest, the many fan artworks appearing on ZBrushCentral, the ZBrush Gallery, the ZBrush Turntable Galleries, and the portfolios of Gentle Giant Studios or Sideshow Collectibles. What better team up than to put ZBrush and WonderCon together?

Pixologic will be at WonderCon 2010, and attendees will be among the first to see some exciting new ZBrush features that are coming soon to a computer near you. We will also be hosting several incredibly talented digital artists who will be demonstrating how they use ZBrush to create their amazing artwork. Join us to witness why ZBrush is the world's most powerful digital sculpting software!

Photos from WonderCon:


Featured Artists:

Vitaly Bulgarov
Character Artist

Vitaly Bulgarov is an award-winning 3D artist who is currently working at a major game company as a Cinematic Artist. He started his career in Moldova as a freelance artist about six years ago. After moving to Moscow he worked in major Russian game developing studios as a full-time artist and at the same time continued freelancing for American and European studios. Vitaly regularly contributes to online CG artist forums and has won many awards including a CGChoice award as well as the 3DTotal Excellence Award. His work has been published in "Exposé 3" and "D’artiste."

ZBrush Artist: Vitaly Bulgarov
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Akin Bilgic
Character Modeler

Akin (rhymes with 'Rockin') is a freelance character modeler currently living and working in San Francisco, CA.  He's created characters for numerous clients across the nation, including Walt Disney Animation Studios in Burbank, CA.  Aside from CG, he has passion for music, travel, roller derbies, ugly sweater parties, shady truck stops, and the fine art of sandwich making.

Akin will go over his character modeling workflow, turning 2D concept art into a 3D character using ZBrush's revolutionary ZSphere & ZSketch technology.  Focus will be placed on quickly blocking in proportions, the process and pitfalls of translating 2D to 3D, and using ZBrush's toolset to create interesting and unique characters.

ZBrush Artist: Akin Bilgic
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Kris Costa
ZBrush Artist

Kris is a self-taught Brazilian CG Artist who had moved to the the USA in 2004 to follow his dream of getting to the movie industry. Four years and a few companies later, Kris landed his dream job in 2008 working at ILM where he specialized in character modeling. Kris's professional career includes film credits in productions like Pan's Labyrinth, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Evan Almighty, and Barnyard, among others. His personal career includes two main prizes on the prestigious CGSociety challenges, winning on Both MachineFlesh and Master and Servant challenges, 3D category, in 2004 and 2005 respectively.

While at WonderCon, Kris will talk about his recent work on the latest CGSociety challenge called "B-Movie", including sculpting and painting techniques in ZBrush, composition, character development, narrative and information about how he uses ZBrush, Maya and Modo to complete his artworks.

ZBrush Artist: Kris Costa
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Dave Lesperance
Environment Artists

Dave got his start in 3D doing automotive 3D work in a High School in Michigan. He had his first real 3D job when he was 16, around the time he started using ZBrush 2.0. Because of the automotive work he got into 3ds max and eventually into games. He went to college in Chicago at the age of 18 and worked at several different development studios as an environment artist. While there he worked on games from PC to the Next Gen Consoles. Dave was contacted his senior year to work in California for a game development studio where he still works as a Cinematic artist. He states, "I highly doubt my career would have excellerated at the rate that it did and continues to without ZBrush. It's the one tool that has impacted games and film the most. After its realase and sub release it changed, and continues to change and raise the expected quality of our industry's work. It's one of the most useful tools in my workbelt."

ZBrush Artist: Dave Lesperance
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Ryan Kingslien
ZBrush Artist

Ryan Kingslien studied traditional art at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and digital art at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects. He was the Product Manager for ZBrush 3 at Pixologic where he worked with programmers and artists to fuse traditional and digital art. While at Pixologic, Ryan consulted with companies such as ILM, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Bungie Studios, Ubisoft and Electronic Arts to integrate digital sculpting into their production pipelines. Currently, Ryan is a resident artist at The Gnomon Workshop where he continues to sculpt, share his passion for digital art and teach.

ZBrush Artist: Ryan Kingslien
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Alvaro Buendia
ZBrush Artist

Alvaro Buendia started as a traditional artist at his hometown in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. At the age of 20 he began his 3D training in schools in Toronto and Vancouver. During this time he was introduced to ZBrush and ZBrush 2.0. After finishing school, Alvaro landed his first professional job as a creature modeler at the Orphanage in San Francisco. Shortly after, he got hired as a cinematic artist for a major game company. He is also working on personal projects such as a Sci-Fi graphic novel where he heavily uses ZBrush.

Alvaro will go over how he creates creatures usable for production as well as for illustration, and sculpting using ZSpheres and ZSketch, and sculpting using polymodeled meshes.

ZBrush Artist: Alvaro Buendia
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Andrew Cawrse
Practical and Digital Sculptor - VFX and game anatomy consultant and Instructor

Established worldwide as an authority on artistic anatomy and creating products for anatomy education, Andrew also has a distinguished background in movie VFX, with over 9 years at Industrial Light and Magic as a model supervisor and digital concept sculptor. He has worked on the films StarWars EP1 and 2, Van Helsing, Dreamcatcher, Galaxy Quest, Pirates of the Carribean 2, The Spiderwick Chronicles, Avatar and many others. Andrew is a highly sought after instructor by medical, game, VFX and art professionals.

By invitation from Pixologic, Andrew will be sharing fast-track techniques for understanding and applying complicated human, animal and conceptual creature anatomy and getting creative freedom as a result.

ZBrush Artist: Andrew Cawrse

WonderCon Combined ZBrush & Anatomy Tools Reference models - Product Special

For a limited time, the world’s #1 anatomy reference models used by artists in Concept, Game & VFX industries, can be purchased with a single license of ZBrush at a combined discount price. You receive both our award winning software plus an anatomy reference model by - designed specifically for digital artists to improve their abilities. This offer will only be available on the WonderCon showroom floor at the Pixologic Booth (#933) or the Anatomy Tools Booth (#1337). The package will be available only during WonderCon so don’t miss your opportunity to a great deal on two of the leading artist centric products in today’s market.

Visit ZBrush (#933) and Anatomy Tools (#1337) at WonderCon for more details and pricing.

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