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The ZBrush User Group is on the move! This time we’re coming to Southern Methodist University in Plano, TX. This is an exciting opportunity for students, hobbyists and professionals alike to rub elbows with your fellow talented ZBrushers, as well as learn from some of the very best ZBrush artists around. Register March 8, 2010 for your opportunity to see ZBrush demos by Brett Briley, Jesse Sandifer, and Greg Punchatz. You will not want to miss this event! Come join us to witness the power of ZBrush and why it is the world’s most powerful digital sculpting software.


Brett Briley
Senior Character Artist, Id Software

Brett has been a 3D artist in the video game industry since 1999 when he left Disney. He has worked with such talents as Redstorm Ent, Irock Ent, Sony Online Ent, Nerve Software, Liquid Development, Ensemble Studios, and is currently working for id Software. Brett has worked on titles including "Freedom", Ozzy's "Black Skies", "Planetside", Doom 3's "Ressurection of Evil", "Oblivion", "D&D Online", "NWN2", "Age of Empires 3", "Age of Empires 3 The Warchiefs", "Halo Wars", and is currently working on "Doom 4" and “RAGE”. When not working, he can be found spending time with his wife and son Aiden, and their 4 pets.

Brett will be concentrating on modeling a character within ZBrush and using certain tools to quicken the creation process. Ranging from topology for the basemesh and projection mapping corrections.

ZBrush Artist: Brett Briley

Jesse Sandifer
Art Director, Green Grass Studios

Jesse graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree Environmental Design. He began doing 3D work at the Corgan Media and after a few years of working there, Jesse co-founded Green Grass Studios where he currently serve as Art Director where his main focus is character design, sculpting, and illustration. His client list includes Warner Brothers, Mandalay Films, ReelFX, Janimation, and JWT Ford. Jesse also does online tutorials through 3DCreative Magazine among others. In his spare time, he teach ZBrush and 3ds max via online tutoring and lessons.

Jesse will focus on how to use ZBrush as a design tool in regards to the freedom of brushes, using layers, and making use of the power of transpose master to make different design options and/or proofs of concept

ZBrush Artist: Jesse Sandifer

Greg Punchatz
Sr. Creative Director, Janimation

Greg Punchatz, Janimation’s Sr. Creative Director, has spent the last 25 years creating characters for film, commercials and video games. He started his career as a makeup effects artist by contributing to the films as The Robocop Trilogy, Nightmare on Elm street 2 ,Coming to America and many more. He then brought his character creation skills to the game world first on id Software’s classic game DOOM and Doom2. Greg joined Janimation in 1995 and became one of it’s major players. As their Sr. Creative Director, he is now directing high-end video game cinematics, commercials and feature film effects.

Greg will cover the art of texture painting in ZBrush, working with ZApplink, extracting maps and getting the most out of them, and how to light and render your creations for maximum impact.

ZBrush Artist: Greg Punchatz

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