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Join us at the Pixologic Booth #709 at Siggraph 2010 as we present top renowned film and gaming artists giving live demonstrations of the newest exciting features of ZBrush 4.

There will be opportunities to pre-purchase a special edition of ZBrush’s latest release, enter a daily prize draw, meet with Pixologic developers and rub elbows with some of the most well known and brilliant artists from Pixologic's ZBrush community: ZBrushCentral.

To register for your FREE guest pass to the SIGGRAPH 2010 Exhibit Hall, visit ZBrushCentral.

We look forward to seeing you!

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Featured Artists:

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Steve Jubinville
Lead Character Artist, Meduzarts

Graduated from the NAD Centre, Steve Jubinville is passionate about digital sculpture and character modeling. He started his career at Skuad Studios, then at CAE Electronics to move to Ubisoft where he worked in the Cut-scene Department as Character Artist. His talent and sense of great detail has brought him to model the main characters of the company's licences such as Prince of Persia, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, Far Cry and Assassins. Actually working at Meduzart as a Lead Character Artist, he has also worked on some contracts for Meteor Studios and Hybride Technology. He teaches at the NAD Centre the Organic Modeling class and ZBrush for professionals since 2004.

ZBrush Artist: Steve Jubinville
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David Lesperance
Environmental Artist

Dave got his start in 3D doing automotive 3D work in a High School in Michigan. He had his first real 3D job when he was 16, around the time he started using ZBrush 2.0. Because of the automotive work he got into 3ds max and eventually into games. He went to college in Chicago at the age of 18 and worked at several different development studios as an environment artist. While there he worked on games from PC to the Next Gen Consoles. Dave was contacted his senior year to work in California for a game development studio where he still works as a Cinematic artist.

He states, "I highly doubt my career would have excellerated at the rate that it did and continues to without ZBrush. It's the one tool that has impacted games and film the most. After its realase and sub release it changed, and continues to change and raise the expected quality of our industry's work. It's one of the most useful tools in my workbelt."

ZBrush Artist: David Lesperance
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Jeff Feligno
Character Artist, Sucker Punch Productions

After graduating with a degree in illustration from Syracuse University, Jeff Feligno began his career as a full-time sculptor for McFarlane Toys.  He worked here for a few years and then switched to freelance to take on a wider variety of projects.  Looking for a new challenge, Jeff switched gears and landed a job in the video game industry. He now works as a digital sculptor for Sucker Punch Productions in Seattle, Washington.

ZBrush Artist: Jeff Feligno
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Joel Mongeon
Microsoft Game Studios

Joel Mongeon is a traditional and digital figurative artist originally from Ottawa, Canada now living in the greater Seattle Area. Joel had a fine arts and digital art education which included studies at the Academy of Realist Art, Gage Academy and Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology. He continue to refine his knowledge through self studies and part time courses taught at various schools. He has been working in the entertainment industry for 9 years primarily as a character artist and character technical director. He has worked on several television series for Disney, Universal and Nickelodeon, and countless television commercials as well as a few short films. He has transitioned from TV and Film into video games with his latest job, Technical Artist with Microsoft Game Studios.

ZBrush Artist: Joel Mongeon
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Jelmer Boskma
Freelance Artist

Jelmer Boskma is a freelance visual effects artist working in the television and film industry. Besides his work in visual effects, Jelmer has provided his services as a creature designer to various projects. His most recent endeavours were prominently featured in the critically acclaimed 'District 9', with other credits including character modeling on ''G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra', and creature design and development on 'Journey to the Center of the Earth'. Jelmer has brought his unswerving dedication to producing high quality artwork to every position he has held, at studios such as MPC, Image Engine, and Prime Focus.

Jelmer will be covering Functional Creature Design at Siggraph. Involving movement and motion into the design process. By using various layers/morphs, contact points and the newest features of ZBrush 4, he will show how you can start thinking about movement and functionality during the design process. Stimulating creative choices based on natural anatomical deformation. Opening up a world of options in comparison to clay design maquette sculpting.

ZBrush Artist: Jelmer Boskma

Bryan Wynia
Character Artist, Naughty Dog

Bryan Wynia is a character artist who is currently working at a major game company . He also works as a freelance sculptor and designer for the collectable and toy industry. Prior to working in the digital field he worked as a sculptor and make-up effects artist for the film industry.

Bryan will be sharing his character sculpting work flow. He will focus on how to sculpt expressive, dynamic, and unique characters using the newest brushes as well as a new feature within ZBrush 4 that allowed Bryan to freely create more complex meshes.

ZBrush Artist: Bryan Wynia
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Zack Petroc
Zack Petroc Studios

At the forefront of his field, Zack Petroc continues to develop new techniques that redefine how digital tools impact the art and design of story telling. In 2005, with a commitment to driving the industry forward, he opened Zack Petroc Studios, offering services from character design and digital maquettes, to final production models. His studio has worked on the development of several feature films and video games with a recent client list that includes Disney Interactive, Scott Free Productions, SCEA, Walt Disney Imagineering, Snoot Entertainment, Hasbro, and Paramount Pictures.

Zack also has a passion for teaching and training digital artists. In addition to lecturing at universities across the US and abroad, Zack has headed several workshops and training seminars at leading industry companies. Recently he began creating and distributing advanced, one of a kind training tools available for purchase and instant download via

At this year's Siggraph Zack will be presenting several works from his transmedia creation “Adaboy”. Utilizing the multi-dimensional power of ZBrush this one of a kind endeavor includes a sculpted novel storyline, instant downloads of digital assets, and fully painted traditional maquettes. Other lecture highlights include an in-depth look at Zack's character design work flow, and his personal tips and approaches for asset creation.

ZBrush Artist: Zack Petroc
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Tully Summers
Freelance Artist

Tully Summers has been designing creatures and characters for many years. Originally a traditional sculptor and illustrator, ZBrush has become one of his main tools he now uses to design for such films as Avatar, Cloverfield, Tron Legacy, Thor, and Green Lantern.

ZBrush Artist: Tully Summers
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Sze Jones
Freelance Artist

Sze Jones is a character artist that specializes in Heroine character creation for game cinematics. She started computer graphics in 1997 and graduated with a master degree in Art. For the past 8 years, she has implemented and managed the character modeling pipeline and created many heroines for numerous game cinematics including: Lara Croft for Tomb Raider Underworld; Beatrice for Dante Inferno; Anders and Sebrina for Halo Wars;  Twilek, Jedi Consular and Bounty Hunter’s Head for Star Wars; Dark Elf Sorceress for Warhammer; Emmera, Lyra and Cabalist for Hellgate ; Keira for Conan. Past projects include: Fable 2, Bunny for Simpson Trailer, Viral Carrie and Bowman for Empire Earth; Antonia for Everquest II;  Aeon Flux; Female Pedestrian for Prototype; Blur’s Short Gentlemen’s Duel and Gopher Broke.

Sze is also trained in character design, traditional painting, sculpting, Chinese classical dance, Tribal Fusion belly dance, classical piano and violin.

At Siggraph, Sze will demonstrate hair sculpting techniques and workflow using new brushes and topology techniques as well as technical aspects for facial animation using an exciting new brush in ZBrush 4.

ZBrush Artist: Sze Jones
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Neville Page
Concept Designer

Neville Page is a concept designer in the entertainment industry. He served as the lead creature/character designer on 2009's Star Trek. He was previously the lead creature designer on the 2008 film Cloverfield, Lead Creature designer for James Cameron’s AVATAR, and has just finished the specialty costume and Helmet designs for Tron Legacy. He is currently working on Green Lantern and Spiderman 4.

Neville has been a concept designer and illustrator on such films as Planet of the Apes, Minority Report, and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. He also collaborated with Rhythm & Hues on the two X-Men sequels, X2 and X-Men: The Last Stand.

Outside of the film industry, Neville has designed and sculpted toys for the companies of Mattel and Jakks Pacific. He has also done design work for the automotive companies, BMW and Toyota. He continues to be involved as a design consultant for the entertainment, toy, and automotive industries. He is also developing his own line of educational art products and teaches at Art Center College of Design and lectures at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Los Angeles, California.

At Siggraph, Neville will be sharing his basic workflow as well as demonstrating his use of a new ZBrush 4 feature that allows freedom to create character expression.

ZBrush Artist: Neville Page
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Leonardo Sanchez Barbosa
Walt Disney Animation Studios

Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, Leo Sanchez Barbosa is a self-taught CG artist. He is currently working as a modeler at Walt Disney Animation Studios. At age 19, Leo landed his first job at a Spanish company developing multimedia applications using different disciplines such as CG animation, video and motion graphics. He later moved to London to work for Uli Meyer Studios, where he was able to further develop his artistic skills working on commercial and television projects as a CG Generalist focused on characters. Other projects followed, such as “Valiant” for Vanguard Animation; “Happily N'ever After” for BFC (Berlin); and Henry Selick's shortfilm “Moongirl” for Laika. Leo joined at Walt Disney Animation Studios in early 2006 as a senior modeler. His credits include the short film “Glago’s Guest,” the hit 2009 TV holiday special, “Prep & Landing,” plus the Disney features, “Bolt” and ”Tangled” (scheduled for release this November).

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