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The Creative Talent Network invades the Burbank Convention Center November 16, 17 and 18. In case you didn’t know, the Creative Talent Network has a storied history of bringing artists and animators together since 2008. The Creative Talent Network offers artists and professionals an avenue to exchange ideas and share their latest creations. It provides a forum for attendees to intermingle with other like-minded artists and members of the community.

Pixologic is proud to be in attendance for the forth year running. We’ll have a three day double booth explosion, for you to wrap your clay loving heads around. You’ll see live demonstrations with industry pros and have direct access to members of the Pixologic Team. Be there as we dive into the latest features and provide insightful tips on how to generate high end illustrations and sculptures.

Be sure to stop by Booth B-52 to see all the action LIVE.

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Friday, November 16th
12:15PM — 1:15AM: Pixologic Presentation
1:30pM — 2:30PM: Derek Pendleton
2:45PM — 3:45PM: David Igo
4:00PM — 5:00PM: Kevin Garcia
5:15PM — 6:15PM: Danny Williams
6:15PM — 7:00PM: Pixologic Presentation

Saturday, November 17th
10:15AM — 11:15AM: Bryan Wynia
11:30AM — 12:30PM: Kurt Papstein
12:45PM — 1:45PM: Seth Thompson
2:00PM — 3:00PM: Alvaro Buendia
3:15PM — 4:15PM: Akin Bilgic
4:30PM — 5:30PM: Michael Defeo
5:45PM — 6:45PM: Jared Krichevsky

Sunday, November 17th
10:15AM — 11:15AM: Kurt Papstein
11:30AM — 12:30PM: Jared Krichevsky
12:45PM — 1:45PM: Brandon Fayette
2:00PM — 3:00PM: Stefano Dubay
3:15PM — 4:15PM: Danny Williams
4:15PM — 5:00PM: Pixologic Presentation


Featured Presenters:


Akin Bilgic

Akin is a freelance Modeler / Generalist currently living and working in San Francisco, CA. He began his career at Walt Disney Animation Studios and LAIKA, and is currently working for clients like Moonbot Studios, Bully Entertainment, and the California Academy of Sciences. His work has been featured on CGSociety, ZBrushCentral, and publications like D'Artist Character Modeling 3, and 3D Artist magazine.

You can find out more about Akin and his artwork at

Akin will go over his character modeling workflow, translating 2D concept art into a 3D character model using ZBrush's digital sculpting workflow. Focus will be placed on quickly blocking in proportions, the process and pitfalls of translating 2D to 3D, and using ZBrush's toolset to create appealing and and memorable characters.

ZBrush Artist: Akin Bilgic
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Akin Bilgic High Res Gallery


Alvaro Buendia

Alvaro Buendia is a Character Artist who currently works at Blizzard Entertainment’s Cinematics Department. With contributions on many of Blizzard’s cutting edge cinematics such as World of Warcraft’s Wrath of the lich king, Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria, Diablo 3, and Starcraft 2. He previously worked at the Orphanage on Feature film titles, and has taught creature design at Gnomon School of Visual effects.

Originally from Mexico, Alvaro adventured to Canada and graduated from Vancouver film school. He has been working in the film and video game industry ever since and is currently working on an unannounced graphic novel as a personal project for the past 3 years using Zbrush to create a very unique look. To find out more about his work, follow his blog at and for updates.

Alvaro will break down how he creates a character from start to finish with features from zbrush such as the new topology brush, dynamesh and other personal workflows and techniques, and will be showing his workflow to create illustration like images with zbrush render passes.

ZBrush Artist: Alvaro Buendia
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Alvaro Buendia High Res Gallery


Bryan Wynia

Bryan is currently working as a Senior Character Artist at Sony Santa Monica. He also works as a Character Designer and Sculptor. Some of his clients include,Jim Henson's Creature Shop, The Aaron Sims Company, Gentle Giant Studios, Electric Tiki, and Masked Avenger Studios.

His work has been featured in Famous Monsters of Filmland, Imagine FX, 3D Artist, and 3D World. Bryan has a passion for teaching and sharing his creative process. He has taught classes and workshops at The Concept Design Academy, Gnomon School of Visual Effects, and Art Center College of Design.

You can find out more about Bryan and his artwork at

Bryan will be sharing his basic work flow for Concept Sculpting. He will focus on how to sculpt expressive, dynamic, and unique characters using the newest brushes and features of ZBrush which allows Bryan to freely create his designs.

ZBrush Artist: Bryan Wynia
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Bryan Wynia High Res Gallery


Danny Williams

Danny Williams has worked as a modeler and character artist for Blue Sky Studios, Dreamworks and ArenaNet. He started, a site where artists could share their process via time-lapse videos in ZBrush and publicly chart the evolution of their skillset.

Danny also has a history as an educator instructing classes at NYU, The school of Visual Arts, and now is teaching online at

Currently, Danny is working in visual development on an upcoming project at Dreamworks.

You can find out more about Danny and his artwork at

Danny will be discussing concept sculpting, the creation of three dimensional character concept art.

ZBrush Artist: Danny Williams
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Danny Williams High Res Gallery


David Igo

Hello ZBrush users/hopefuls! My name is David Igo, and I'm an Art Director at Sideshow Collectibles. I've resided here for the past 3 years and it's my duty to help make things as awesome as possible. On the side I teach an "Intro to ZBrush" class at Studio Arts in Los Angeles. Sign up, it's awesome times. I also love anything and everything with tentacles, sharp rows of teeth, and Venom. Lastly, I don’t look like Edward from Twilight, Edward from Twilight looks like David Igo.

At Sideshow Collectibles I use ZBrush as a pre-vis tool to help with designing and developing for our products, whether it's a pose study for a character or overall compositional studies. I'll be going through the awesome usage of the Transpose Tool in all it's glory to pose a figure and bash together other 3D primitives to help pre-vis a design for product.

ZBrush Artist: David Igo
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David Igo High Res Gallery


Derek Pendleton

Derek Pendleton has been sculpting for the entertainment industry for over twenty years. His work runs the gamut from collectables to massive set pieces in feature films and theme parks. In 2006 he refocused as a digital sculptor and designer, primarily in character and prop design. He is currently a ZBrush instructor at Studio Arts and a freelance designer and 3D printing troubleshooter for film and the collectables market.

Derek will demonstrate rapid character creation using Dynamesh and QRemesher. He will also demonstrate the adding detail using insert brushes and the Topology brush.

ZBrush Artist: Derek Pendleton
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Derek Pendleton High Res Gallery


Jared Krichevsky

In 2010 Jared Krichevsky completed the CG Certificate Program at Gnomon School of VFX in West Hollywood, CA. While attending school Jared also completed his internship at The Aaron Sims Company, where he worked on the short film "ARCHETYPE".

He now works at The Aaron Sims Company full time as a creature/character modeler and designer, working on such shows as "Once Upon a Time," "Falling Skies," and the upcoming feature "Noah".

You can find out more about Michael and his artwork at

Jared will be presenting two things: 1) A speed mech building process, and 2) Speedy creature sculpting.

ZBrush Artist: Jared Krichevsky
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Jared Krichevsky High Res Gallery


Kevin Garcia

Kevin graduated from Cal State Fullerton in 2006 with a degree in Entertainment Art/Animation, and spent his last semester interning at Disney Consumer Products as an Associate Character Artist. From there he began working as a Character Sculptor for product at LittleWonder Studio beginning August of 2006. He started working as a designer and eventually made his way into traditional sculpture. ZBrush entered their workflow in his second year at the studio and has been a great help with his speed and finish. In the January of 2011 he started volunteering as a sculpting instructor at the Braille Institute of LA. Kevin is currently teaching a ZBrush digital sculpting class at the Institute, thanks to the great help and support from the Braille Institute and the Pixologic team.

Kevin will be presenting how he has implemented some of the new 4R4 tools into his product sculpting workflow. The demonstration consists of creating IMMs, using the retopology brush, and preparing a file for 3D printing.

ZBrush Artist: Kevin Garcia
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Kevin Garcia High Res Gallery


Kurt Papstein

Kurt currently works as a character artist at Turtle Rock Studios, working on an unannounced project with the developers behind Left 4 Dead. Previously he was working as a character/concept artist at InXile Entertainment, where he contributed on multiple titles.

His work can be found in 3D Artist Magazine, where he has contributed with multiple tutorials and articles related to ZBrush and character creation. He has done multiple workshops and presentations at local galleries, schools, studios, and conventions. His passion for teaching has lead him to a position at Laguna College of Art and Design, where he shares his techniques in ZBrush and conceptual design.

To find more of his work go to

Kurt will be going over his basic workflow of conceptual creature design in ZBrush by building digital armatures, and working the form to completion in Dynamesh. Finally, he will show how he takes those sculpts to a finished level using polypaint and BPR.

ZBrush Artist: Kurt Papstein
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Kurt Papstein High Res Gallery


Michael Defeo

Michael Defeo has been very busy the past few years. Between working films like Despicalbe Me 2, The Lorax, Ice Age 4 and most recently the new Minions movie (Despicable Me spin off) he has created a new anatomy app called L’Ecorché.

L’Ecorché (pronounced leh-kohr-SHAY) is an elegant and painstakingly-detailed fusion of an anatomy reference book with an iconic physical model that takes the best of both and brings them into a whole new medium for learning. Rather than simply looking at a book or sculpture, L’Ecorché is an invaluable, portable tool that allows users to use such features as: tumble and zoom the full model and head, torso arm and leg segments from 360 degree angles; switch to an updated version with anatomical corrections; toggle an informational overlay which reveals full muscular map with descriptive text, as well as a primitives version to help the artist better understand the forms at play.L’Ecorché was created using scan data of one of the original Houdon ecorche plasters and is the only true digital copy of the iconic sculpture. In short, L’Ecorché is a revolutionary resource for artists and students of all levels.

Come Visit Michael at his booth he looks forward to speaking with you about all the exciting new work he has been doing.

Michael will be creating a feature animation style character bust, like the ones he as made for Ice Age, Rio, The Lorax and Despicable Me 2 just to name a few. The focus of the demo will be on appeal, simple forms, silhouette and character. Using the amazing tools in ZBrush, Michael will show you all his techniques and tricks to create professional digital maquettes.

ZBrush Artist: Michael Defeo
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Michael Defeo High Res Gallery


Seth Thompson

Seth has over 13 years of professional experience in the video game industry as a cinematic artist with expertise in environment and set design, modeling, surfacing, lighting, and layout. Seth grew up a traditional artist on a farm in Virginia with big dreams of one day working on video games at Blizzard Entertainment or Square-Enix. He has had the luck to see both of these dreams come true, working for over ten years on the Cinematic team at Blizzard Entertainment and for three years on Square-Enix’s Visual Works team in Tokyo, Japan, where he was the first Westerner to join their ranks.

Seth currently works as Blizzard Entertainment’s Cinematic Environment Modeling Supervisor in Irvine, California, and has created and supervised assets for various game cinematics including Warcraft 3, World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, Final Fantasy 12 and Final Fantasy: Advent Children.

Seth will be demonstrating how he creates detailed sculpture reliefs using ZBrush’s masking tools in combination with brushes, transpose tools and deformers. Seth will then show how to quickly and cleanly create detailed vines over the sculptural reliefs using ZBrush 4r4’s new curve insert mesh, and insert mesh replacement tools. Time allowing Seth will go over some of his favorite brushes and personal time saving techniques he has developed in ZBrush.

ZBrush Artist: Seth Thompson
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Seth Thompson High Res Gallery


Stefano Dubay

Art and Science had always been the main driving forces in my creative career, not quite always in full agreement if not until, after finishing my bachelor degree in Mathematics, I found in Visual Effects the perfect way to join them both.

That's exactly what visual effects is for me and why it is so challenging and rewarding, it made me able to communicate creatively while being in a constant problem solving state, always looking for ways to facilitate the process and possibly eliminate redundant repetitive tasks by automation.

The big breakthrough happened when I decided to enroll in Gnomon School of Visual effects where I received a 360 degree training in the technical aspect of the craft as well as an insight of what I preferred to do as an artist. I knew I wanted to work in character development from the very beginning although I never had any formal training in art before.

While still in school I had the opportunity to work at Gentle Giant studios for a couple of years. This experience helped me to connect together all the different skills. I learned how to use a lot of different softwares, to create and edit high density models in an efficient way. In the meanwhile I perfected my sculpting and learned how to scan in 3D. Probably the most important skill learned there is how to efficiently work as a team on projects.

Gentle Giant is also a hybrid digital/traditional sculpting studio where I got to know and learn from several traditional sculptors of humbling skills what it meant to sculpt traditionally. All these things helped me out a lot when I first had to face the movie industry working at Rhythm and Hues on "Land Of The Lost" where I first helped integrating Zbrush in their production pipeline, creating digital maquettes and developing techniques to obtain quickly very dense surface details.

I then spent an year working as modeling lead at Psyop Inc – Venice where I tweaked and refined my technique to work in a commercial production environment which is by necessity very time constrained... challenging. After that I went back to movie production joining Sony Pictures Imageworks as a character artist for their upcoming animated feature Arthur Christmas created in collaboration with Aardman (just think Wallace and Gromit!) coming out end of 2011. There I learned to work in a much bigger production facility with a preexisting pipeline that was rigidly set. Even more importantly I've learned there what stylization means in the design of a cartoon character. Simplicity is a real challenge where there's no detail to rely upon to distract from the quality of the simple primary shapes that in the end make up the majority of a character and its visual appeal.

Currently I am working at Disney Animation Studio in Burbank as a digital character sculptor/modeler.

ZBrush Artist: Stefano Dubay
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Stefano Dubay High Res Gallery


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