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The Pixologic Team and the Gnomon School of Visual Effects were at it again, this time playing host to Brazilian Bad Boy Cesar Dacol Jr. and Turtle Rock Studios own Kurt Papstein. The capacity crowd spilled into the Green Screen Hangar on the grounds of the Television Center here in Hollywood, California for an evening of sculpting under the stars. The stars did not disappoint as the hangar was littered with industry giants. Some of the heavy hitters in attendance included the likes of legends Rick Baker and Brian Wade.

To start the evening off, Cesar Dacol Jr. took us deep into his process for generating fast and effective concept thumbnails. The crowd was sitting on the edge of their seats as Cesar highlighted the power of using layers inside ZBrush. Next, we were taken on a wild Gorilla of a ride with FiberMesh. Cesar was instrumental at showing off the design capabilities of using FiberMesh for your next ZBrush project. Cesar likes to keep busy as an industry leading Director of Character Design. You can see his work by visiting

In the second part of the evening, Kurt Papstein took to the stage in what can be called a Dynamesh free for all. Papstein’s presentation was highlighted by an interesting twist on designing with sound. Kurt demonstrated that designing can happen in unconventional ways and with unusual points of reference for inspiration. You can see more of his progressive approach to understanding form and flow by visiting his blog at

The end of the night saw our very own Paul Gaboury take to the stage to dispel any last minute questions from the crowd. Paul was large and in charge with his demonstration of the NoiseMaker plugin.

We can’t wait to see you at our next UGM here inside the Hangar!

Featured Presenters:


Cesar Dacol Jr.

With over 25 years in the film business to his credit, Cesar Dacol Jr. is no stranger to making hits. His resume reads like a road map, making frequent stops on some of the biggest projects in Hollywood. Along this journey, Cesar has worked as a Lead and Modeling Supervisor on features like, 300, Fantastic Four, Barnyard, Journey to the Center of the Earth and Happy Feet 2. Currently, Cesar keeps busy working as a Director of Character Development in the film and games industries.

When not helping to create the next big blockbuster, Cesar finds time to make contributions to publications like, “D’artiste Character Modeling 3” and most recently “Advanced Photoshop Magazine”. He is also known for his contributions as a long standing beta team member for Pixologic’s ZBrush, as an instructor for CGSociety’s CGWorkshops and an instructor in Visualarium in association with ZBrushWorkshops.

Be sure to join us live to watch Cesar’s breakdown of working with the Layering system inside ZBrush. You won’t believe the speed with which he generates new concepts inside the world’s favorite sculpting software. Stick around for the second part of his presentation, where he’ll cover how he uses FiberMesh to create believable fur and hair.

ZBrush Artist: Cesar Dacol Jr.
View high res images:

Kurt Papstein

Kurt currently works as a character artist at Turtle Rock Studios, working on an unanounced project with the developers behind Left 4 Dead. Previously he was working as a character/concept artist at InXile Entertainment, where he contributed on multiple titles. Among those titles the most notable was Hunted: The Demon's Forge, where a majority of his sculptural work was with creatures and monsters.

His work can be found in previous issues of Imagine FX, where he was featured for his creature design at InXile. Since then, he has done multiple workshops and presentations at local galleries, schools, and studios. His pation for teaching has lead him to a position at Laguna College of Art and Design, where he shares his techniques in ZBrush and conceptual design.

To find more of his work go to, and you can find some video tutorials at

Kurt will be going over his basic workflow of conceptual creature design in ZBrush. Finding the design and communicating the idea quickly. Sculpting through the form in dynamic ways, as well as polishing the final images.

ZBrush Artist: Kurt Papstein
View high res images:

Paul Gaboury

Paul Gaboury is Pixologic’s 3D Application Engineer who works with several studios such as Legacy Effects, Disney Animation, Bad Robot, Pixar etc on enhancing their digital sculpting pipeline using the leading industry application ZBrush. He is also involved with the development of ZBrush and working with artists around the world offering support. As part of the Pixologic team Paul will travel to various studios and schools giving demos on ZBrush to highlight the various new tools in ZBrush. Paul graduated with a BFA from the University of Bowling Green and was an extension student at Gnomon School of Visual Effects.

Paul will be demonstrating how to create an insert brush to be used with DynaMesh, along with taking a closer look at how the NoiseMaker feature can be used for various techniques. Paul will end the evening with a look into the BPR Filter system.


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