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The latest release of ZBrush 3.5r3 has several additional tools that will allow an artist to create artwork and explore new ways of expression.

This workshop will cover all new features of ZBrush3.5r3 and how they can be incorporated into a workflow pipeline.

As well as character design and modeling, we will look at how ZBrush can be applied to create a small environment using the new Noise Features, Hard Edge Brushes and Brush Controls.

The workshop will also demonstrate how to customize your own brushes and introduce the new Zsketch mode, showing three ways in which it can be used to create and conceptualize ideas never before possible in ZBrush.

Hosted and organized annually by the filmmaking/visual effects, animation, game development non-profit, A Bunch of Short Guys, and this year in association with The Guildhall at SMU’s premiere graduate-level video game education program in the country, and the Texas Film Commission, Industry Giants 2010’s first day features a series of lectures that conclude with a panel discussion. The second day features exclusive Masterclasses, taught by the leading experts in various fields of art and technology. The distinctive lineup of presenters work in all areas of animation and visual effects for film, television, and games.

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